Teachers at STS are all highly educated professionals who come from a variety of academic disciplines. Our team's dedication to teaching and devotion to every student’s academic success have led STS to being one of the top leaders in the private tutoring industry.

Principal's Introduction

Success Tutorial School (STS) was established in 1992 by Mr. Paul Choi, a senior Mathematics teacher in Hong Kong and Canada. He has written over 60 mathematics text and reference books, some of which are currently used in Hong Kong.

With over forty years of teaching experience, Mr. Choi firmly believes that every student possesses the potential to excel in their academic performance provided that:

  1. The student is given concise and clear conceptual notes with abundant examples;
  2. The student is guided and kept on track by experienced instructors;
  3. The student is taught materials more advanced than he or she is really doing in school.

Your child will maximize his or her academic potential by joining the courses provided by Success Tutorial School.

Our Teachers' Teaching Qualifications

  1. University / College professors or lecturers
  2. University / College teaching assistants
  3. Ontario secondary / elementary school teachers
  4. Individuals pursuing Ontario teaching certificates
  5. Individuals pursuing their postgraduate degrees


Paul Choi, School Principal

Mr. Paul Choi holds this position. He is an experienced math teacher in both Canada and Hong Kong. He is also a well-known author of over 60 mathematics text and reference books currently used in Hong Kong. He develops all the learning and teaching materials for both teachers and students. 

Eric Choi, Senior Grades Math teacher - M.A.(Ed), B.A.(Ec)

Eric is an experienced teacher with a passion for education. He challenges his students to always test their limits and push themselves to the next level. This fosters growth and when a student succeeds in a task that they previously found difficult, they build confidence to overcome their next challenge. In mathematics, a solid foundation is the key to success, and it is never too late to start from the basics. The key is to identify weaknesses and focus on core foundations before tackling more complicated problems in the long run.