Advanced Functions – Grade 12 (University Preparation Level)

The Grade 12 university preparation course Advanced Functions satisfies the mathematical prerequisite for some universities in areas that include business, social science, and health science programs. The strands in this course help students deepen their understanding of functions by revisiting the exponential and trigonometric functions introduced in Grade 11 to address related concepts such as radian measure and logarithmic functions and by extending prior knowledge of quadratic functions to explore polynomial and rational functions. The Characteristics of Functions strand addresses some of the general features of functions through the examination of rates of change and methods of combining functions.

Course Outline

  • Chapter 1: Polynomial Functions
  • Chapter 2: Polynomial Equations and Inequalities
  • Chapter 3: Rational Functions
  • Chapter 4: Trigonometry 1
  • Chapter 5: Trigonometry 2
  • Chapter 6: Exponential Functions
  • Chapter 7: Composition of Functions

Course Calendar