Founded in 1992, Success Tutorial School (STS) is one of the premier tutorial schools in the GTA, with locations in Scarborough, Richmond Hill and Markham. Offering a variety of subjects taught by qualified tutors, STS has a thriving community of over 1600 students learning the skills and techniques to succeed in their day-school endeavours.

Why STS?

Everything that STS teaches is according to the Ministry of Education's official Ontario Curriculum. That means that our students learn the same topics as in the day school. In addition, STS incorporates exercises from around the globe, with emphasis on word problems, grammar and writing. The results? Our students improve on the skills that are relevant to their current studies, and lay the foundation for future achievement in their day-school curriculum. A fast fact? A survey of STS Math students who attended tutorials consistently for 6 months showed that they achieved an average grade of 92 to 95.8%.


STS provides complete tutorial services in the academic subjects below. Students are welcome to start classes anytime during the calendar year.

MATHEMATICSAccelerated and Distinction ProgramGrades 1-8
Academic & University PreparationGrades 9-12
Advanced FunctionsGrade 12
Calculus & VectorsGrade 12
Data ManagementGrade 12
SCIENCEPhysicsGrades 11-12
ChemistryGrades 11-12
BiologyGrades 11-12
General ScienceGrades 9-10
ENGLISHEnglishGrades 1-12
FRENCHFrench (FSL)Grades 4-10
SPECIAL COURSESSupplementary CalculusGrade 12
Waterloo Euclid Math Contest Preparation courseGrade 12
EQAO 10 Literacy Test Preparation courseGrade 10
EQAO 9 Assessment of Mathematics Preparation courseGrade 9
Summer CampGrades 1 to 8
Creative Writing WorkshopsGrade 5-12